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Your Ecommerce Game Plan for This Chinese New Year 2021

February 08, 2021

Your Ecommerce Game Plan for This Chinese New Year 2021

SINGAPORE – Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and with it brings a wave of health, prosperity, and most importantly – the urge to buy new things! Buying new things to celebrate the new year is customary, as seen in the common belief of purchasing new clothes to symbolise new beginnings.

This presents a golden opportunity for online retailers to drastically increase their sales figures, simply by getting in on the festivities! Not to mention that COVID-19 measures will restrict house visitings to a minimum, which will push consumers toward digital services such as e-Angbaos and eCommerce!

When an opportunity like this presents itself, make sure you have a plan to make full use of it!


1. Get In Touch With Traditions

Tankfully Fresh Chinese Lunar New Year angbao red packet

Nothing speaks to people more than traditions, especially during festive seasons where it’s all about following & embracing customs – and we all know how strong emotions are when they’re catered to!

While it might not directly result in more sales or revenue for your business, developing a positive rapport amongst your target audiences and beyond will only benefit your brand in the long run. The strongest benefit of this is being at the forefront of personal recommendations and word of mouth, an influence that beats even the most popular influencers!


Start by centering your marketing efforts around traditions, giving your content a twist here and there in order to deliver a message. For Chinese New Year, you can market your product around reunion dinners, house visitings, ang baos and more! And with multiple festivities throughout the year, you’ll have a ton of marketing ammunition ready to go.


2. Encourage User Generated Content

Encourage User Generated Content

(Image courtesy of Unsplash)

Building relationships with your customer base and potential clients should be an area to focus on for businesses in this day and age. Doing so helps to retain customers and encourage them to patronize your business again, and most importantly – reach your clients on a personal level!


One way businesses are doing this is by encouraging more user interaction with their brand, and a great channel for this is user-generated content! Not only are you forming stronger bonds with your customers, you’re also gaining further insight and knowledge about them – their needs, wants, dislikes and likes.

An idea for this is an Ang Bao design competition, where users can send in their uniquely generated designs to you – and it’s up to you how you want to reward and use their designs! Maybe even repurpose them for your own red packets, the opportunities are endless – and it’s clear to see why businesses are adopting this practice.


3. Increase conversions with a landing page!

Increase conversions with a landing page

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Converting leads has never been harder than before, even more so in such a fast-paced world. Consumers no longer have the time nor the attention span for uninspiring and long-winded websites! The sheer abundance of content out in the world today means that your marketing efforts have to be creative & eye-catching in order to stand out from the rest and attract customers!

A great way to accomplish this without major overhauls to your website is to have a subsidiary landing page! A landing page or micro-site provides bite-sized information about your business or products, perfect for the modern consumer.


A huge advantage of this is that it can exist on its own, or be a part of a bigger marketing plan – customize the landing page to your needs & target audiences! This also opens up the opportunity for you to experiment with unique designs, colours and marketing material – further differentiating your brand and appealing to different types of customers.

For example, you could have a micro-site dedicated to your Chinese New Year lucky draw – where customers can win attractive prizes when they purchase products from you. As opposed to having it integrated into your website, further cluttering it and drawing attention away from other aspects of your site!


Closing Words

Going in blindly to this shopping season will only be detrimental to your business, which is why you need a carefully crafted plan to take advantage of it. We hope you’ve learnt something from the approaches we’ve mentioned in this article, and they can even be adapted to suit your business plans for Chinese New Year!

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