What’s a web presence and why is it far superior to a website?

Only Approved Vendor for Productivity Solution Grant

Website Development

eCommerce / eCatalogue

Moving the buying decision online

Many customers are shopping online where purchases can be made 24/7. It is also where new products or services are easily discoverable. From minimising laborious task and cost to the automation of your processes, a well-designed e-Commerce website can offer you and your customers more value and convenience in their shopping journey. From start-ups to your favourite brands on the market, there has been a huge increase in companies using e-Commerce as their main platform for revenue. The figures continue to grow in tandem with the consumers trawling the e-Commerce sites. There is simply no better time but now to capitalize on the shift.

Personalize and influence your customer’s buying process.

A customised e-Commerce website allows you to personalise user experience in a way that fixed web templates are unable to do. We can help you develop a site-map, wireframe and navigation panel that is clear in each Call-To-Action, with the right look and feel in line with your brand image.

Functionalities available:

  • Available for Business 24/7
  • Membership Program
  • Bundle Promotions
  • Promotional Codes
  • Purchase with Purchases Mechanics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Optimized for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets
  • Sales and Delivery Reports
  • Website Traffic Reports
  • Reach Thousands of Users Monthly
  • Generate Invoices / Pro-forma Invoices / Packing Lists / Delivery Orders

Steps to get the Productivity Solution Grant approved:

  1. Consultation on suitability to take up an e-Commerce Solution
  2. Submission of the application into the Business Grant Portal
  3. Endorsement and Acceptance of Quotation
  4. Development of e-Commerce Website within 4 – 6 weeks
  5. Onsite User Training on how to operate and maintain the e-Commerce Website
  6. Deployment and Launch of e-Commerce Website
  7. Submission of reimbursement claim request into the Business Grant Portal.

Go digital and increase your business revenue with FirstCom’s pre-approved e-Commerce Solution Today.

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You can kick-start your technology journey by taking simple steps to automate existing processes and improve productivity. Not sure how to start? Let us help you.

At FirstCom Solutions, we aim to ignite your presence and increase your market shares online through the use of technology, the reach of digital media and the depth of big data to execute successful campaigns for your brand. Through our strategies and expertise, we ensure your e-Commerce store will receive the attention it needs, to achieve the results you want. We can increase your brand awareness by bringing you impressions, clicks and conversions. Also, the routine based task of managing your inventory, tabulating sales invoices to the tracking of revenue performance can all be automated and done at your fingertips.

Being at the forefront of transformative change, FirstCom Solutions is the first and only e-Commerce solution provider approved for the Productivity Solutions Grant in Singapore. For a start, the grant will cover sector-specific solutions in the retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, wholesale and landscaping industries, all in a bid to improve productivity.


When you work with us, 50% of your cost will be fully covered under the Productivity Solutions Grant.


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