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Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to engage and reach out to prospects and customers, with major platforms being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The activities of social media marketing are mostly centred on creating and sharing text, video or image content to achieve a marketing goal. Social media platforms are ideal for bridging two-way communication between you and your customers.

Do you remember how your life was before Grab, RedMart, Qoo10 and other respective market leaders emerged?

Now, we are no longer limited to gaining insights through traditional platforms, nor buying products from retail stores – As technology evolves, we’re now able to click through a brand’s Facebook or Instagram and easily purchase that featured item on sale.

Social Media impels growth, and it has a big impact on e-Commerce. Hence, combining social media and web shopping just makes sense, making it an important and effective strategy for businesses to implement.

Furthermore, Social Media improves customer relationship by offering a personal touch your web store could not provide. It gives you an instant ability to respond to customers’ queries and feedback quickly. It grows your community and builds up your consumer loyalty within it.

Social Media influences brand reputation, and together with the creation of compelling content, greatly influence your consumers’ buying decision.

At FirstCom, we can help you strategize how you can increase your followers, create timely content, and ensure your posts are captivating and effective.

Your target customers often reach out to brands through social media, and this is a conversation you want to have. Start today.

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From posting information, providing special offers or sharing links to your followers, social platforms are a great and proven way to

Interact, Connect, and Convert.

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