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    Solve the root of your business challenges and find optimal solutions
    with our agile, user-focused web development approach.


    We begin with a meeting with all stakeholders to define the scope of the project and discuss the issues your users are facing. From there, we’ll determine the features your application needs and draw up a feasible development roadmap based on our technical experience.

    UI/UX Drafting

    A smooth and friendly user experience is critical for modern applications. During the drafting stage, we prototype test workflows to determine if they meet your user’s needs and collect feedback to make gradual changes until we find the optimal solution. At the same time, our UI/UX designers ensure your interface is responsive and plays well with all types of digital devices.

    Coding and Development

    No matter the programming language, technology or architecture — we’ll provide you with timely updates so you’ll always have a clear picture when each development milestone is achieved. We include planned testing during the development process so any potential bugs or issues can be discovered and ironed out before the project is delivered.

    Constant Iteration

    Today’s web applications are a live service of consistent updates. From adding new features to redesigning existing functionality to suit new user requirements — we make room in our development approach to take on feedback and be agile enough to adapt to new project requirements as they are discovered.

    Also, you get to show off not just your products, but also high-quality pictures or a product feature video if you prefer.

    Lastly, you can also sell worldwide, and bypass getting your profits cut when you use ecommerce platforms.


    Web Applications

    Brands that incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.

    Human Resource System

    Save cost on unnecessary modules with a customized HR system to manage leaves and employee payroll, track attendance and enable employees to file their own claims — freeing up time for higher-level tasks.

    Project Management System

    Increase your productivity with a Project Management System that makes it easy to track and follow-up on multiple projects from start to end. With it, you can create invoices and quotes quickly, track your delivery orders and purchase orders, and track statuses with your sales or suppliers.

    Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

    With a CRM system, you can create invoices, sales quotations and keep track of orders and customer data. Businesses can identify their best selling products and analyse customer behaviour to make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.

    Order Management System (OMS)

    An order management system organises your supply chain processes and centralises your products into a single source for improved inventory and sales visibility. We can add functions to generate and e-invoices to customers at the click of a button, view customer order histories, set sales targets and track order statuses.

    Document Management System (DMS)

    A DMS system eliminates manual paperwork and enables faster reporting. Documents are stored and indexed digitally in the system and can be retrieved without hassle. Replacing the traditional method of using data entry for documentation will greatly reduce errors and increase efficiency at work.

    Maid Listing Portal

    We developed a custom app for a maid agency client to automate their employment process — eliminating paperwork and potential human errors. The app allowed them to create maid profiles, organise listings according to different agency branches, view employment history, create employment packages, manage insurance, create invoices and generate sales reports.

    Calendar and Scheduling System

    If you need a system to help you keep track of and automate event or service bookings, an online calendar booking system is an ideal solution. This application is extremely convenient for customers and significantly shortens the buying process.

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    FirstCom Solutions is a one-stop digital agency dedicated to helping SMEs grow with data-driven digital solutions.
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    From digital campaign marketers to web developers, website designers, ad optimisers, producers and account servicing executives, we are staffed by Singaporeans
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    Web development agency, digital marketing agency, digital solutions agency — we’re all of that and more. If your goal is to take your business from offline to online, we’ll be the only agency you need to go digital with.

    Web development agency, digital marketing agency, digital solutions agency, website design company, ecommerce website development company we are all of that and more.
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    Building websites for more than 10 years with over 5,500 clients in Singapore

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