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Improve customer service, convenience and productivity.

A web application is essentially software that runs in your browser through a webpage. It is interactive, controllable and programmed to perform a certain task to create efficiency and value for your business processes. Our programmers can customise easy-to-use, functional web applications to help automate your work processes and improve manpower productivity.

With a CRM system, you can create invoices and sales quotations, and keep track of orders and customer data. Businesses can identify their bestselling products and analyse customer behaviour to make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.

Food delivery systems are ideal for F&B companies looking to move their business online. We can customise your delivery system to accommodate the number of pax you cater to, your menu offerings, and different payment modes, including an advanced delivery option or auto-location detection function via simple keying in of the postal code. Management of delivery charges per postal code is also simplified with a user-friendly back-end system.

An order management system can help you organise the processes in your supply chain so as to better meet customer expectations. It centralises the number of product items into a single source for improved inventory and sales visibility. We can add on functions where you can generate e-invoices and send it to customers at the click of a button, view customer order histories, set sales targets and track order statuses.

For one of our florist clients, we developed a user-friendly e-commerce platform where customers can select their flowers and preferred bouquet arrangement, and choose between standard, special delivery and self-collection. This type of customised delivery system is highly efficient if you have trouble with personalised orders and more than one delivery option.

A DMS system eliminates manual paperwork and enables faster reporting. Documents are stored and indexed digitally in the system and can be retrieved without hassle. Replacing the traditional method of using data entry for documentation will greatly reduce errors and increase efficiency at work.

One of our clients, a maid agency, required a custom system to automate their employment process. The system we developed for them allowed them to create maid profiles, organise listings according to different agency branches, view employment history, create employment packages, manage insurance, create invoices and generate sales reports. With this system in place, a lot of paperwork was eliminated with less human errors, which translated to better service for their clients.

If you need a system to help you keep track of and automate event or service bookings, an online calendar booking system is an ideal solution. This application is extremely convenient for customers and significantly shortens the buying process.

Having a messy and inefficient booking system is the last thing any hotel will want so as not to lose customers before they even check in at the door. Based on our client’s requirements, we have developed a booking system taking into account the number of guests, date, room type, currency converter and also incentives such as a discount code, all in a single streamlined page.

Having a customised HR system will save you cost on unnecessary modules. With a HR system, you can manage leave application, let employees file their own claims electronically, manage employee payroll and track their attendance with far less hassle, hence freeing up time for higher-level tasks.

We can develop a job listing portal for seamless management of job applications. Functions of a job portal can be developed beyond merely posting job positions and allowing candidates to deposit their resumes with you. For example, our job portals created for a client enables the recruiter to group multiple resumes for internal viewing, and enables capturing of text data from uploaded resumes into the system.

If you are in the service industry or regularly hold seminars and events, having an appointment booking system on your website will help reduce the time needed to manually process bookings. We can make it so that you can block off dates for the days in which your business is closed. Customers will also receive an email confirmation upon successful booking.

A Project Management System can help increase your productivity by making your portfolio of projects easy to manage and follow-up on, from start to end. With it, you can create invoices and quotes quickly, track your delivery orders and purchase orders, and track statuses with your sales or supplier partners.

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