What’s a web presence and why is it far superior to a website?

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At Firstcom Solutions, we provide digital solutions to bring you online. More than that – we grow your conversions. We create magnetic content and inbound marketing strategies from performance-based data to attract more customers. We’re a web design and digital marketing agency in Singapore doing all things digital. And we launch it all from your website.

We are pleased to be a part of the SMEs Go Digital Programme, where up to 70% of your eCommerce development funding will be subsidised.

Go digital, and ignite your online presence today. 

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Going digital is not only about creating an e-commerce platform, it’s about constantly creating a better user experience for customers by using big data to analyse and retain them with the complements of having creative visuals, timely deliveries, improved sales mechanics and check-out process. For each development, Firstcom aims to assist our clients to be successful and knowledgeable after deciding to go digital.


Tankfully Fresh

Web Development

Tankfully Fresh is the brainchild of Sin Chwee Mini Mart, known humbly as a fish store in Bukit Batok. With no experience in going digital. Firstcom has to start from scratch to improve their online presence by building an e-commerce platform, ensuring that the solution value adds to Tankfully Fresh’s operational flow. To further amplify their presence, we also came out with a digital marketing roadmap to run campaigns on major social media platforms to create awareness.



Web Development

Twinkle produces a range of natural and organic products to uphold the general wellness of kids from cradle to adolescence. As Twinkle faces the lack of in-house expertise for digital marketing efforts to create an impact on brand awareness, Firstcom came in to assist Twinkle on two major areas of their digital journey. The conceptualisation of their website and the planning and publications of their social media campaigns. With these implementations, Twinkle managed to get subscribers on board.


The Car Cycle

Social Media Marketing

The Car Cycle is a one stop shop for all things a prospective automotive owner would want. In their bid to increase sales enquiries and engagement with customers, The Car Cycle turned to Facebook as the primary means of communication and interaction with their customer base. After trying to run their own Facebook page for some time without achieving desired results, The Car Cycle partnered with Firstcom Solutions to manage their Facebook page.