We’ve spent a decade constantly front running the latest digital transformation trends, growing our clients’ business and our own in the process.

The FirstCom team is a blend of people from different backgrounds, hobbies and personalities. The common thread? We’re all unabashedly digital natives. On a normal workday you’ll find us discussing the latest chatter on social media, marveling at web design trends, pouring over campaign spreadsheets, collaborating to produce creative assets and brainstorming to develop relevant solutions for our clients.

We’ve spent a decade constantly front running the latest digital transformation trends, growing our clients’ business and our own in the process.

Life is easy when you are tough

FirstCom Solutions is powered by our people and their knowledge. That’s why we focus on in-house expertise. Finding passionate talent who excel in their field, surrounding them with other domain experts and giving them the tools they need to collaborate and tackle challenges faced by our SMEs. But the best talent isn’t just found. They’re nurtured. We support our people to attain industry-recognised certifications like Facebook Blueprint and Google Ads certification to grow their careers.

Our work culture is one of constant learning and improvement, taking what we’ve learnt from previous experiences and applying it to our future. It’s how our company’s decade-long experience in web development has paved the way for the full suite of services we now provide.

Our Happenings

We might be separated by the sea but through the magic of the internet and the same time zone, we’re all in sync pursuing a common goal — to solve challenges and to play hard at the same time.

Meet The Buzzing Minds
Behind Our Hive of Concepts, Digital Strategies and Technology.

Founder & CEO, Jim Giam

Founder and CEO of FirstCom Solutions, Jim is a strong believer in innovation and adapting with the times — he’s kept FirstCom consistently relevant by pivoting the main business from its web hosting beginnings to a full-fledged digital agency to meet client needs. 

Rather than running the show from the top, he frequently meets with clients to understand their woes and engages with the delivery team to determine the best solutions. This keeps him in tune with client sentiments on the ground, which he takes on board to set the company’s direction.

When not pursuing new business opportunities, Jim acts as a motivational leader and mentor to the team, leading training programmes and encouraging employees to take charge of their professional growth. He also frequently speaks at seminars on how SMEs can best scale their business.

Founder & CFO, Michelle Lim

Founder and Chief Financial Officer of FirstCom Solutions, Michelle oversees internal affairs, accounting and directs the company’s financial objectives and budget. Getting her start in the banking industry before leaving her role to start FirstCom, Michelle handled everything from quotations, invoices and even project delivery in the early days.

Today she continues to take a hands-on approach to managing the business, not only drafting the company’s financial policies, but also overseeing FirstCom’s internal operations and business continuity to keep everything running smoothly. Michelle also continues to actively meet with clients on the ground to gather insights and pinpoint areas for service improvement. 

Management Team
Office Operations
Digital Marketing
Digital Developments
Creative Production
Lynn Wong
General Manager
Lynn is in charge of FirstCom’s operations, organisational processes, talent recruitment and development. A part of the FirstCom team for over eight years, she’s headed both project delivery and digital marketing departments before settling into her current role; making her well-positioned to understand the policies, budgets, skills and staff each department needs. She develops the company’s key performance goals, keeps morale high and ensures work processes between departments are as efficient and productive as they can be. An ACTA-certified trainer, Lynn is keenly aware of the in-demand skills in today’s growing digital market. Beyond looking out for in-demand skills from prospective talents, she also directs her efforts inwards – organising upskilling sessions to make sure every employee at FirstCom is well-equipped with the latest skills and best practices to serve clients better.
Xavier Low
HOD, Creative Production
Xavier is always on the hunt for a good bowl of ramen and collecting the occasional anime figurine. Don’t let his young looks fool you though, he has 10 years of experience as a producer under his belt in all types of production – from television commercials, corporate videos, to social media short videos. Oh and did we mention he really loves mechanical keyboards too?
Raine Huang
HOD, F&B Technologies
Previously a stock broker for 9 years, Raine carries that experience to handling agency life today without a sweat. She has shown to constantly deliver to our clients from the start to end of each project. In her free time, gaming is her avenue to relax and destress from life’s bustle.
Priscilla Koh
Personal Assistant to CEO
Chloe Cheng
HR Executive
Dawn Lau
HR Executive
Cindy Tong
Finance Manager
Beatrice Kho
Admin and Finance Executive
Wing Ng
Admin & Finance Executive
Tan Li Ling
Admin and Receptionist
Lim Pei Rong
Admin & Receptionist
Reyn Koh
Finance Executive
Jurgen Ong
IT Executive
Leana Mariz Bince
Business Operations Manager
Jace Lee
HR & Admin Executive
Janice Low
HR Executive
Jas Koh
Senior Campaign Manager
Ashley Yeo
Campaign Manager
Shawn Lim
Senior Campaign Executive
Phone Pyay Hein
Senior Campaign Executive
Timothy Liew
Senior Campaign Executive
Jeremy Huang
Campaign Executive
Campaign Executive
Pearlie Tan
Campaign Executive
Heize Yap
Campaign Executive
Linda Yeo
Campaign Executive
Campaign Executive
Rochelle Ong
In-House Marketing Executive
Amanda Chua
In-House Marketing Executive
Isaac Teo
Content Writer, Team Lead
Chen Shichang
SEO Specialist
Tan Ping Yew
Senior Web Designer
Jeff Chong
Senior Graphic Designer
Rodney Allen Calitis
Graphic Design Lead
Anne Pauline Lapus
Graphic Design Lead
Patricia Corbito
Graphic Design Lead
Lynn Kristine Angela Ecube
Graphic Design Lead
Graphic Designer
Ng Boon Hao
Graphic Designer
Kristellyn Nicole Katague
Graphic Designer
John Sherwin Colasito
Graphic Designer
Abigail Balonzo
Graphic Designer
Jadelaine Flores
Graphic Designer
Pranses Kaye Punzalan
Graphic Designer
Jan Carlo De La Pena
Graphic Designer
Reggie Arciaga
Graphic Designer
Terence Ng
Senior Developer
Rickson Goh
Project Manager
Nicholas Shen
Merchant Experience Manager
John Loke
Web Project Executive
Mayvika Low
Project Executive
Kristin Oh
Project Executive
Lucia Lim
Project Executive
Teo Wan Jing
Project Executive
Jason Chong
System Architect
Pai Si Jian
System Architect
Manvee Yew
Mobile Application Developer
Jack Ng
Mobile Application Developer
William Yew
Senior Developer
Lim Wei Yang
Senior Developer
Wang Lin
Desmond Loh
Chan Myae
Ng Ming Yeaw
POS Support Engineer
Han Wen Chou
Client Support, Team Lead
Casper Siew
Team Lead, Web Development
Jenwei Sia
Senior Web Developer
Florence Lee
Senior Web Maintenance Developer
Su Yatanar
Web Developer
Jack Owen Bula
Web Maintenance Programmer
Mary Grace Andres
Senior Web Programmer
Pauline Janine Laude
Senior Web Maintenance Programmer
Julius Earvin Mananquil
Web Maintenance Programmer
Roland Aguilar
Senior Quality Assurance
Jielyn Oliveros
Senior Quality Assurance
Julian Soh
Team Lead, Web Design
Maria Cherina Ordoñez
Senior Web Designer
Web Designer
Lai Man
Web Designer
Kayli Leng
Web Designer
Hector Brojan
Web Designer
Jerome Adrian Roldan
Web Designer
John Michael Peñaflor
Web Designer
Paula Joy Belgira
Web Designer
Nicole Joy Esposo
Web Designer
Patricia Mae Garpida
Web Designer
Team Lead (Photographer)
Andorria Yeo
Production Coordinator
Kevin Tan
Motion Graphic Designer
Alex Chin
Senior Photographer
Hafiz Zan
Nicholas Yan
Genice Ooi
Liyana Amani
Pamela Tan
Vinnie Quek
Eric Zhang
Senior Videographer
Nur Shafina
Senior Videographer
Video Editor
Hng Yi Ren
Video Editor
Lim Shao Xuan
Video Editor
Sin Yu Jing
Video Editor
Vernard Buce
Digital Imaging Artist
Daryl Ng
Sales Manager
Ang Jun Jie
Business Development Executive
Aaron Wong
Business Development Executive
Celesta Ee
Business Development Executive
Toh Hong Li
Business Development Executive
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