About Us

About Us

Our founder, Jim’s message

Covid19 has changed the world and the way businesses operate forever. Those who can digitize successfully will be the ones with the majority share of the revenue pie, but many more are actually left behind due to several reasons.

Many entities are accustomed to operating their businesses in ways where data and decisions are kept and held by the business owner – resulting in communication and service gaps when there is a lack of a centralized system for staff to share or exchange real-time business information.

When forced out of their comfort zone to adopt digital solutions to stay afloat, many business owners scramble and struggle to re-engineer their business processes to decipher key information like inventory availability, pricing strategies, and delivery schedule. While this information is not a prerequisite to digitize your business, failure to consolidate this information would limit the success of your digitization.

In the digital space, the screens on which we consume media are getting smaller and so have our attention spans. This highlights the pivotal role that creative content now plays in enticing viewers. However, as SMEs are not well-versed with digital advertising, businesses often find it tough to deliver content that sets them apart from competitors.

As SME ourselves, we truly understand the challenges commonly faced by business owners. We are committed to being your extended team, helping you to start right and start strong so you can direct your focus towards growing your business.

From obstacles like content creation and production to setting up an e-commerce storefront and boosting sales through strategic campaigns, businesses can leverage our expertise to fast-track their online success using our easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy solutions.

Technology is here to stay, and so are we as a trusted partner in all things digital.

Service to many, leads to greatness.
CEO, FirstCom Solutions
Jim Giam

An Omni Channel Digital Marketing & Developments Agency

We’re not just a web development or a digital marketing agency, we’re all of that – with the goal of growing your business from start to finish.

How We Grow Your Business Ground Up

  • Initial Consultation
  • Web Developments
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Campaigns
  • Post Project Maintenance

Initial Consultation

Our friendly business and project executives will scope your project and find out your business pain points. Is it ecommerce sales? A poor website design? Or a brand revamp altogether? Whichever services you need, we definitely have it.

Web Developments

Here’s the fun part where you get to see your ideas, with our talented designers, come to life! We will prepare a minimum of 2 design drafts for you to choose how your living, breathing website or eCommerce store will look like.

Digital Marketing

Now that your site is live, don’t expect it to be immediately searchable online yet. Here comes Phase 2 of bringing your website to life – enter digital marketing. We have Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Campaigns, and other services available.

Content Campaigns

If you’re looking for something more visual, we have it too. Our in-house production team will bring your brand to life with video and animation. We also provide copywriting, photography, and other collateral design services.

Post Project Maintenance

A website isn’t safe without regular maintenance and checks that it is performing at its optimal. Our hosting and maintenance packages will be the backbone support while you take over the running of the website.

What We Believe In

Our Vision We aim to help our local small and medium businesses grow and compete both domestically and regionally. Our Mission To support SMEs with adaptable and easy-to-utilise digital solutions which foster data-driven business growth. To provide consultation and training to help our clients develop high proficiency in our digital products.

Our Awards and Accolades

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