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Jobs Needed This COVID-19 Season

December 18, 2020

Jobs Needed This COVID-19 Season

SINGAPORE – It’s a widely known fact that Singapore is lauded globally for it’s high employment rate & strong job market, however – it too succumbed to the devastating effects of the global pandemic.

During these tumultuous times, unemployment rate in Singapore rose to a high of 3.6% in October – the highest it’s been in 10 years. Even eclipsing the past previous high of 3.3% during the 2009 global financial crisis. Retrenchment figures even peaked at 11,350 during the first half of the year.

However, despite the doom & gloom of the current job sector, there are still some industries constantly hiring during these period. So if you’re looking to land a job soon, not all hope’s lost!

While for some of you this might mean you’ll have to put your dream career on hold, it’s better than sitting at home and doing nothing. So get your CVs ready as we delve into the industries that are still hiring this period!

1. Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers wearing masks


If they were important before, they’re nigh on invaluable now. Our frontline workers have always been essential to the country’s well being, but COVID-19 amplified that importance tenfold. This can be seen in the various initiatives started by the government and the community to show appreciation for our healthcare workers.

However, this also meant that during the initial waves of the global pandemic, resources were stretched incredibly thin and workers in the healthcare industry had a much higher workload than usual. On a positive note, the surge in cases created plenty of job opportunities within the healthcare industries.

As Singapore recovers from the effects of the coronavirus and reopens its borders to the world, healthcare workers are needed even more than ever. Positions that are highly needed include temperature screeners, nurses, clinic assistants and many more!


2. Programmers/Developers

Programmers and developers



The IT industry is another sector that was already on the rise before the pandemic hit, but received a huge push as everything shifted online. Now, programmers & developers are needed more than ever as virtually every business starts to pivot their business online which will in turn require digital solutions. Be it as a full stack developer, UI/UX developer, or a developer in pHp, web developer jobs Singapore will look to grow in demand.

While COVID-19 has disrupted other sectors, it has also accelerated the adoption of digital technologies, resulting in high demand for IT professionals An example of this is SGUnited’s Jobs & Skills Package, which opened up over 12,000 positions in the IT sector just last month.


However, programmers & develops are specifically in demand due to the surge in demand for digital solutions. This sentiment was reaffirmed by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan in June when he declared that “If you’re a programmer, a UX (user experience) designer or an expert in Python, artificial intelligence and machine learning… or better still, you create robots, you have no shortage of jobs”. The demand for programmers & developers has also been aided by the growth of the e-Commerce industry, with revenue predicted to hit almost $10 billion in sales alone this year.


3. Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers


Similar to programmers & developers, digital marketers are also highly sought after in an increasingly online world. As of mid 2020, Singapore has an internet penetration rate of  a staggering 88.4%, the second highest in an already well connected Southeast Asia. The influx of internet users resulted in the demand for digital marketing to stand in for traditional physical marketing. And while it may not completely replace traditional marketing channels, digital marketing is set to eclipse it’s traditional counterpart in the near feature. Digital marketing executive jobs will likely continue to grow in demand, even after Covid19 subsides.



COVID-19 has caused several industries to slow down drastically, however, it’s been a silver lining for others. The industries we’ve highlighted benefited greatly from the global pandemic and are looking to bolster their headcount to deal with the increase in demand.

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Happy job hunting!