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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

November 26, 2020

5 Tips to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

To say that 2020 delivered a huge punch to business owners is an understatement. This year was painful for many physical stores and it’s not a surprise that the global economy numbers tanked. Thankfully, with more optimistic news towards the end of the year, the thought of being able to recoup the losses from the past few months makes it feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with customers and make up the difference.

For businesses, this means a chance to reach more customers and generate numbers that can keep them afloat. Here are some ways to make sure that you hit your targets for the holiday season:

1. Get Creative With Your Holiday Offers

It’s easy to slap a discount on your products and call it a day, but while the holidays provide a chance to ramp up your sales, competition is amped up too. Make sure that your business stands out by offering interesting deals and great value-for-money.

For example, many stores are creating themed bundles for gifting a specific persona. It helps buyers relate your products to people they are buying gifts for, and it creates a cheat sheet for those in a rush to complete their Christmas list. In brick-and-mortar shops, it also gives you a chance to inject some holiday spirit in your store layout: if your customers see that you’re thinking of their loved ones too, it creates a better ambience for shopping.

Another way to get creative during the holiday shopping season is to offer corporate discounts and giveaways. Small businesses tend to shy away from bulk orders, but if you schedule it right, you may find that many companies prefer to give their clients and employees something that they cannot find in the mass market. SMEs are in the prime position for this: not only are you generating a huge order for the holidays, but you’re also reaching potential customers for the next year.

2. Make Sure You’re Well Stocked

Products flying off the shelves sounds great, but if you run out of stocks before the holiday season ends, you’re missing out on more revenue that can make the difference on your 2020 numbers. Prepare for the holiday rush by analyzing your sales numbers and support it with a robust marketing plan: after all, your customers won’t know that you’re ready for them if you don’t let them know. If you have trouble keeping stock, either get CRM software or an eCommerce website which can help you manage your inventory.

3. Be Where Your Customers Are


Thanks to COVID-19, it’s easier to find where your customers are: indoors on their phones. Brick and mortar stores suffered the greatest losses this year because of the risks of going out, but it doesn’t mean that customers are missing. Rather, businesses were challenged this year to get creative in reaching their market online, through social media and delivery services.

To reach your customers, you have to meet them where they are most comfortable. In Singapore, 51% of shoppers use their mobile phones to purchase items and services, so you need to make sure that they can see you in their social media, both as a regular presence in terms of regular posts, as well as in their social media ads.

At the same time, making good revenue during the holidays depends on how well you reach your customers, not only in eyeballs and shop visits but also in sentiment. The holiday season tends to appeal to more emotional shopping, so make sure that you have your finger on the pulse of your market. This requires a social media marketing strategy that can make your brand memorable to shoppers, both old and new.

4. Make The Most Out Of Your Social Media Spend

Spending on a social media marketing campaign is not a joke: it can either be a drain on your resources or a valuable tool to promote your products and generate sales. The trick is to make sure that you know what you are paying for — are you targeting the right market or are you shooting in the dark?

If you’re not sure who your prospects are, it’s best to do an A/B test in audience targeting. From the results of this test, you can find out who you’re supposed to be appealing to, allowing you to create a more targeted approach and make sure that your ad spend is working for you. At the same time, make sure that your ads have the Shop Now button to help your potential customers find your e-commerce website conveniently.

5. Make It Easy For Your Customers

Speaking of making it more convenient for your customers to find your e-commerce store, it’s also prudent to take the guesswork out of their shopping experience. Your e-commerce site has to be easy to use, and if possible, able to recommend products related to your customers’ purchase. Having an easy to use site also means that they can go from your ad to your product to their shopping cart with just a few clicks. A complicated system dissuades customers from seeing the whole purchase process through.

In your social media, you have to make sure that your customers understand what your brand is. Aside from product features, you can entice customers to check out your website and product inventory by feeding them teasers and interesting facts about your company, making it easier for your market to get to know your brand. People look for one-stop shopping during the holidays: make sure that they understand that they can do that in your store by highlighting it in your social media.

Parting Words

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