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3 Factors That Are Killing Your E-commerce Business Website

October 02, 2020

3 Factors That Are Killing Your E-commerce Business Website

#1: Poor Mobile Friendliness

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As we all know, the world is rapidly moving online. The mobile phone market, with its low barrier to entry has led to access to a mobile phone very easy today. According to Statista, Singapore has a mobile penetration rate of 85%, one of the highest in the world. What’s more, this number is only set to grow. With a growing user base, it only makes sense to optimize one’s website for the mobile device.

However, not many companies understand the importance of a mobile-friendly site. Take for example, an online store on mobile having unreadable text, buttons that are hard to click, images that have not been optimized or a dropdown menu that covers half the screen. These are mistakes that surprisingly, many websites still make today. Most, if not all users will be immediately put off and exit such a website without proceeding further, with most not even making it past the first page.

Thus, it is paramount that your website is mobile-friendly, with key elements such as a responsive page design, readable text and optimized media display.


#2: Poorly Designed Site Architecture

Poorly Designed Site Architecture, slow website speed

Imagine using a website with its search bar in an awkward location, menu items scattered all over, buttons with varying colours and elements in general arranged haphazardly. Not a pleasant experience, is it?

This is why a website’s site architecture is a key factor in the overall experience. Nobody likes having to spend more time than necessary getting what they want done – leading to frustration.

An unofficial rule in web development – users should ideally be able to find the information they want within a short number of clicks. This allows them to get what they want quickly, resulting in a positive experience. In addition, it may even open up the possibility of exploring more of the website due to the pleasant navigating experience provided.

Reducing the amount of clutter is also important, as a clear and organized website will make things easier for the user – reducing the amount of confusion and frustration that they might experience.


#3: Slow Loading Speed

Slow Loading Speed website

In the digital age, people expect information instantly, which is why the loading speed of a website is the most important factor of all. It heavily affects how long a user will stay on your website. If it takes too long between pages, the user will eventually get annoyed and click away.

According to Kissmetrics, a behavioural analytics company – 47% of users expect a website to load in two seconds or less. Additionally, analytics also say that 40% of users will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of a website’s loading speed, you might want to know how you ensure your website loads quickly.

The loading speed of a website relies heavily on its web hosting service. Ideally, you would want your website to be hosted near your users. For example, if your user base or target audience is mainly in Singapore, it would be wise to host your website on a local server. Ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your users would be wise here. In contrast, if it were to be hosted in a foreign country – the loading speed may greatly vary, taking into account the varying internet speeds of users. While reputable, services such as GoDaddy and Amazon Web Service are not the best option if your audience is based in Singapore.

Now that you know what are the factors to look out for, you should look for a reputable e-commerce website design agency to help build a website that will not face the problems above. With any one of these issues, you are losing significant site traffics, and in ecommerce terms, this is losing money itself to other competitors. You definitely do not want that outcome.


So Where Does FirstCom Solutions Come In?

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As a trusted digital marketing agency, FirstCom Solutions has been developing E-commerce websites for the past 10 years. With a wealth of experience, our trusted clients include Audio-Technica, Tankfully Fresh, Chrono95 and many more.

Here at FirstCom, we have a team of qualified project consultants and an in-house design team that will carefully craft a strategy that is tailor-made for your business model and needs.

Additionally, we boast our own in-house web hosting service, IMBA Solutions – this guarantees that your website is hosted and loaded directly from Singapore.

Take your E-commerce business to the next level today!