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Wholesale Trade Seminar by e2i & USME

September 03, 2019

Wholesale Trade Seminar by e2i & USME

Business owners need to start viewing online and e-commerce platforms as a necessity rather than a strategy. That was the talking point of the Wholesale Trade Seminar organised by e2i and USME.

With 4.7 million people in Singapore actively using the internet in their daily lives, and 2.9 million having used an e-commerce platform once in their lives, the online market can no longer be ignored.

Having helped more than 4,500 SMEs embark on their digital transformation journey, FirstCom Solutions was invited as a guest speaker to share with business owners about digitisation and how it can benefit them. Other esteemed speakers who shared the stage include WeChat, who spoke about how businesses can reach out to the China markets by marketing smartly on their app. In a period where digital marketing is taking off, marketing via messaging apps is heavily underutilised.

FirstCom Solutions provided business owners with pertinent information on how to get started with digitisation, sharing knowledge, tools and solutions that will enable them to forge new paths in a new market. FirstCom Solutions also shared actionable advice on industry trends, career pathways, skill sets and relevant training programmes so businesses looking to make the foray into digital can find the right talent.