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New Year, New Goals – Check Out the Goals We Set for Ourselves in 2021

January 12, 2021

New Year, New Goals – Check Out the Goals We Set for Ourselves in 2021

SINGAPORE – New year, new me. A familiar phrase uttered by many as the clock strikes 12 and the year starts anew, as is tradition – with millions around the world aiming to kick the new year off with a fresh outlook and new goals. And not to forget what a tumultuous year 2020 was, it makes perfect sense that many are hoping for a good year to compensate for the previous one!

However, it’s not only individuals that are writing down their goals for 2021, companies are too! And FirstCom Solutions is no different, having serviced over 500 F&B and Retail clients during the circuit breaker period alone – we’re aiming for the moon this year, on the back of a wildly successful past 12 months!

Whether you’re an existing client, a company we’ve worked with before, or someone who just happened to chance upon this article – read on to learn about FirstCom’s goals for 2021, it’s going to be an exciting year for e-Commerce and we’re more than prepared for it!


1. One-Stop Go Digital Agency – 10 Years & Counting!

One-Stop Go Digital Agency – 10 Years & Counting!


Established over 10 years ago, FirstCom Solutions started out as humble business offering telecommunication and web hosting related services. As time went on, our director, Jim, noticed a rising need for more comprehensive digital services in the SME landscape. And thus, our team expanded to deliver basic websites and an extended range of website related solutions.


2. Growing into a Full Service Agency

Full Service Digital Agency office


Since then, FirstCom has gone from strength to strength, accomplishing multiple major milestones each year. From offering basic website design & hosting services to developing fully fledged e-Commerce storefronts, professional video/photo production, brand strategy & development, and even the creation & execution of sure-fire digital marketing campaigns! In just over a decade, FirstCom has evolved from a telecommunications company to a one-stop go digital agency, offering a host of digital services to help you digitize your business.


3. Growing our team

product photography shoot for clients


And with the start of the new decade, we plan to uphold our reputation as a ‘one-stop go digital agency’ to a higher level. We aim to accomplish this by investing in ourselves, upgrading each and everyone’s skills to a higher degree, no matter the department!

Whether it’s undertaking courses and achieving certificates, more professional-grade equipment for our in-house studio, improving our inter-department communication or even a better working environment. FirstCom Solutions is committed to constantly strive & evolve with our end goal in mind – you, our customers! We’re all about delivering quality work and a wholesome experience for our clients, and rest assured, we’re constantly striving to raise our levels for you.



4. ROAS for Clients – Multiplying Your Returns to the Fullest

ROAS for Clients – Multiplying Your Returns to the Fullest



There’s no denying that our main focus & expertise lies in the e-Commerce realm, after all – our core clientele, no matter the industry, engages us for our e-Commerce services. However, we’ve been building a rather competent digital marketing team over the past few years, in response to the growing demand for marketing via modern channels. Gone are the days where traditional marketing reigned supreme, with the rise of the internet & social media, digital marketing now dominates across virtually every sector.

With a diverse & experienced team that comprises of dedicated account executives, SEO/SEM specialists, copywriters, marketing specialists & consultants – FirstCom Solutions is confident in helping you multiply your returns on ad spending! Through our years of experience, we know it isn’t easy to watch your ad budget run dry every single day – but with our certified specialist & consultants, you’ll be in safe hands.


Closing Words

We hope this article gave you some insight to our goals for this year, the e-Commerce industry has shown no signs of slowing down and FirstCom Solutions welcomes the coming challenges arms wide open.

If you’ve decided to take the path to e-Commerce excellence, look no further, as FirstCom Solutions has a proven track record of helping SMEs & MNCs excel in the digital landscape.  With over 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we offer a whole suite of services such as digital marketing, content creation and website development to help take your business to the next level.

Don’t wait any longer, start selling online today and reap the benefits of the booming e-Commerce industry! Hop on over to our e-Commerce page to learn more about our services and register for a FREE 30 minute consultation via the form below!