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Defray up to 90% of Your Development Cost when You Digitise Your Business Today!

August 24, 2020

Defray up to 90% of Your Development Cost when You Digitise Your Business Today!

Is your business digital-ready? In 2020, the Singapore government doubles down on its efforts to provide funding support to help local companies transform digitally. This is great news for all small and medium-sized startups that are seeking early-stage funding to stay agile and upgrade their digital capabilities. Under the Supplementary Resilience Budget 2020, the EDG support level is now raised to 80% and a whopping 90% for enterprises which are adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic from now till 31 December 2020.


What is EDG?

EDG, also known as the Enterprise Development Grant, is an enhanced government grant that integrates support for local SMEs to strengthen their business processes and digital capabilities to thrive against competitors locally and abroad. To get started on their business transformation journey, SMEs in the F&B sector need to:

  • Be registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Be in financially viable to start and complete the project


What Does the EDG Support and How Can We Help?

Think you have met the requirements? Well then, you are one step ahead of the game to leverage the power of digital marketing to scale your business and expand into the international markets. As a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, we offer a full-stack, lead-focused digital marketing programme for your F&B business.

Our team of certified specialists will hand-hold you throughout the entire digital marketing campaign process of six (6) months from identifying the USPs of your business to pinpointing the right target audiences and developing compelling ad creatives and performing media buy for digital and social media marketing purposes. From pre to post-campaign analysis, our team will get you well covered—dispelling any doubt you may have.

To qualify for the funding support, our dedicated consultants will provide a project proposal outlining the scope of work, marketing campaign objectives and direction, and the desired outcomes at the end of each digital marketing campaign. Our clients can then submit the proposal and apply online for the EDG at the Business Grants Portal.


Successful Entrepreneurs Are Always Action Takers

No success is possible without action. Unsure of whether or not you qualify for the grant? Or do you wish to learn more about our digital marketing programme? Please don’t hesitate to sign up for a complimentary, no obligation consultation to determine your suitability for the Enterprise Development Grant today!