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Made in Singapore (Powered by Vodien)

September 16, 2019

Made in Singapore (Powered by Vodien)

We’re featured! Vodien is a web hosting service provider for thousands of businesses in Singapore. As a way of honouring what they do, they’ve created a microsite and a series of short videos where they feature prominent local businesses driving Singapore forward.

FirstCom Solutions was picked to be one of these exclusive companies. Our founder, Jim, shared how we help our clients digitise their business process, do content creation, website development and digital marketing. Learn more about how FirstCom Solutions started, the challenges faced by a digital agency and how we help our staff grow their skills to keep up with a constantly shifting industry.

Viewers can even check out how our offices look like now! The video features a short snippet of our rest and relax area where employees can recharge and bond with one another. Jim also shares his insights on the significance of having an online presence, search engines, search results and how customers interact with them.

Lastly, FirstCom Solutions would like to thank e2i for inviting us and we will be looking forward to speaking at more events!