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5 Christmas Deal Ideas for Your Business

December 02, 2020

5 Christmas Deal Ideas for Your Business

SINGAPORE – It is common knowledge that the holiday season is easily the best sales period in the entire year. However, during the shopping frenzy, the Christmas period stands out even further – with sales peaking around the festivity. Businesses both small and large benefit largely from the Christmas sales period. According to the Marketing Week, sales during the last few weeks make up a whopping 50% to 80% of total revenue! And with the global pandemic pushing consumers online, this holiday shopping season is shaping up to be the biggest yet for the booming e-Commerce industry.

Now you may ask, ‘just how do I capitalize on this golden opportunity’.

In today’s article, we’ll be sharing five Christmas marketing ideas to gain even more customers this shopping season.

1. Product Bundling

Product bundling example


Customers are more likely to purchase products bundled together compared to if they had to select them individually. A classic example of product bundling that you’ve most definitely encountered is employed by McDonald’s. According to Zoho, product bundling is “a technique in which several products are grouped together and sold as a single unit for one price“, with the goal to encourage the consumer to purchase more than what they need. The all too familiar suggestion of ‘would you like to upsize your drink’ or ‘would you like fries with your burger’ is quintessential to the fast food chain’s influential product bundling strategy.

On the surface level, product bundling may seem incredibly simple. Just bundle a few relevant products together, lower the price and call it a day. However, if you look closer at it – you’ll find a multi faceted approach that has the potential to be scaled massively.



In the absence of product bundling, customers will only purchase what they really need without any consideration of your other products. Whereas, when you introduce a bundle, or a suggestion in the context of McDonald’s – you create alternative option(s) that the customer may take a second look at, which in turn increases the likelihood of more products being sold.

Bundling products together can also lead to a better shopping experience for your customers, it reduces the hassle of combing through multiple products & comparing prices!


Ease of Implementation

A major strength of product bundling is the fact that you aren’t required to come up with something special or create an entirely new product, simply repurpose existing products or apply slight modifications to it (i.e colors to suit a festive season). This opens up your existing catalogue to a vast array of possibilities without much cost.

With these saved costs, you can then allocate more money to your ad budget or further bolster your other marketing strategies!


2. Festive Packaging

Festive packaging


What better way to leave a lasting impression on your customers than customized packaging? A study conducted by a marketing professor in 1992 concluded that those who received their gift wrapped were much happier than those who did not. Coupled with the fact that most companies have at the very least a dozen other competitors (how many popular products out there that are truly unique?) – It is extremely important to invest in festive packaging and differentiate your business from the rest.


Differentiate yourself from the rest

As mentioned above, your company is most likely to have several other competitors out there. There are only so many ways you can modify your products to differentiate them. However, the possibilities with packaging are endless! You can easily tailor your packaging to your target audience – generic festive designs for the general public, a minimal & sophisticated approach for young adults, or even no packaging to appeal to the eco-friendly crowd! Your options are limitless here – and with so many festive seasons each year, you’ll have no problem getting inspiration.

Additionally, this can also be an opportunity & develop your brand identity. Not only are you able to market yourself uniquely, there is also the potential to attract customers who identify with your brand – these are the kind of customers who will be loyal to your brand and patronize again! If you have an online site, the best way to do this is via a digital marketing package which can consist of social media, SEM and SEO campaigns.


3. Limited Time Offer

Limited time offer


Whether it’s discounted items or exclusive products, limited time offers are a great way to drastically increase your sales due to the added urgency & exclusivity. But despite its recent virality, limited time offers have been utilized as long as we can remember. However, thanks to e-Commerce giants such as Lazada, Shopee & Qoo10 – this marketing strategy has been innovated upon and it’s potential & scale has shown to be limitless. If you aren’t already convinced, over half of the millennial generation are actively looking out for limited time offerings as they find it very enticing. Further emphasizing how important exclusive offerings are!



When an item is only available or heavily discounted for a short period of time, a sense of urgency is created. This makes customers prioritize your products over others, as they can always buy the regular priced product some other time.

A great thing about this is that it attracts both existing and new customers, limited time offers know no bound and unless you’re always offering the same few items – you’re certain to target both sets of customers!

It’s customizability is also one of it’s greatest selling points. Be it a slow moving product, a seasonal item or an exclusive service – choose what you want to offer!

If you own an ecommerce store, it would be a good time to engage in Facebook marketing services to run an ad campaign. You can do this in tandem with a Google ads marketing campaign too. However, if you are unsure of how to do this, it would be wise to engage a Google premier partner agency to help you run your ads.


4. Gift Cards

Gift cards


Everyone loves receiving gifts, but it’s not easy to select a gift for everyone. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you would’ve rather received cash instead of a gift. However, giving cash doesn’t have the same feeling as a gift. As opposed to losing a customer to a competitor due to indecisiveness, offer them gift cards!

Meeting in the middle, a gift card gives the recipient freedom to choose what they want, and the sender peace of mind.

As with the other recommendations, the way you offer gift cards can be tailored specifically to your target audience.


Physical and e-gift cards

To cater to a wider audience, offer both physical and e-gift cards. Digital gift cards appeal to the younger audience who are more technologically inclined, while physical gift cards appeal to the general public. Not only does it diversify your customer base, digital gift cards are also great for last-minute shoppers who haven’t decided what to buy.


Discounted gift cards

To entice customers even further, you can offer discounts on the gift cards themselves. You can offer bundle deals such as 3 gift cards at 20% off, or even 10+1 gift card bundles. This gives your customers even more incentive to buy from you, on top of the added convenience of gift cards!


5. Decorate your storefront/website

Decorate your storefront/website with Christmas theme


While it may seem unnecessary or just for show, decorating your storefront or website can increase your sales by way of customer awareness & interest. Think about it – if it’s Christmas and customers walk into an undecorated store, they would find it weird. The same applies for a website, if it’s void of any festive banners, designs or decorations – customers may think there aren’t any holiday sales going on. And that’s something you definitely want to avoid!

Here are a few ideas to spice up your e-Commerce store for this festive season!


Christmas Themed Website

Example of Christmas themed website

Whether it’s a few coloured elements or the full website, styling your website with Christmas colours will make it look the part during the festive season.


Christmas Themed Product Shots

Example of Christmas themed product shots

A great way to add some extra oomph to your product shots, style them with Christmas elements!


Christmas Banner

Example of Christmas banner

Be it your website, email campaign or social media pages – banners are a must!

If you are not artistically inclined, you can consider engaging a website design agency to assist you with giving your website a new Christmas look.



Whether you’re an existing business or looking to start from scratch, the upcoming holiday season is by far the best time to generate more sales and acquire new customers.

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