National Day Parade 2019

This letter serves to commend Ms Aderlene Foo from Firstcom Solutions Pte Ltd for the services rendered to NDP 2019 (Branding, Publicity & Publications Committee).

Ms Aderlene Foo, being the first contact whom we reached out for NDP 2019, heartily and sincerely valued the partnership between NDP 2019’s team and the team of Firstcom Solutions Pte Ltd. She was always ready to provide professional and prompt support through the entire NDP 2019 journey.

She also portrayed herself both as a professional and friendly person, making it easy to work with. This is one main factor as to why NDP 2019’s website development was so successful, despite the tight timeline that we had.

On behalf of NDP 2019 Branding, Publicity and Publications Committee, I truly appreciate and commend Ms Aderlene Foo’s support and friendliness, as well as the pursuit of both excellence and professionalism in her field