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Optimise your website for maximum results

Web design is only half the battle. Do you know how well your website is performing? Web analytics makes this possible and is a crucial

element if you want to optimize conversion rates.

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Before website design and development

We will use web measurement tools to provide insight into your website’s metrics and also that of your competitors. From this, you will be able to identify areas of improvements or opportunities to create a competitively advantageous website.


Our web design team will develop your website based on these metrics. The next and ongoing stage in web analytics will be to continuously review and refine your website and digital tools to maximize your conversion rate.

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After your website goes live.


With web analytics, you can measure activity on a webpage, such as site traffic, bounce rates, how long a user stays on a webpage, which pages a user visit, how many new and returning visitors you have, so on and so forth.


Besides improving web experience, web analytics lets you track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Measurable campaign data includes the effectiveness of keyword searches and digital marketing channel, campaign traffic, website referrals and etc.


Need guidance on how to track and improve your website or online campaign? Talk to our web design and development team in Singapore today.

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As a one-stop web design agency, we have helped many of our clients with design work for their website-related

campaign and sometimes even vehicle decals and product packaging, depending on what they need.

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As a one-stop web design and development agency in Singapore, we have helped many clients revamp their branding for huge impact and boost web conversions, giving them an edge over competitors online. Find out how we can do the same for you.