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Molly Nonya Cake and Confectionary

The Work

Molly Nonya Cake and Confectionary

Molly Nonya Cake and Confectionary first started in 1971 with the vision of bringing a taste of Nonya delights to the world. The style of their Nonya resonates with their core beliefs that the ingredients must be of the highest quality, symbolizing a creation that a mother will provide for her child. Over the years, they grew from a humble, small kitchen into a full-fledged food shop and factory.


Objectives: Set amidst Social Media Marketing, Molly aims to increase brand awareness, sales and improve conversion rate.


Since the execution of Facebook marketing – Call-to-action campaign, the number of page likes has grown continually. Molly’s average fan ranges from 18-24 years old female from Singapore. This age group consists of mostly students and working adults. Their successful Facebook campaigns are attributed to attractive giveaways that created anticipation and build type among the audience, enticing graphic design and reached out to appropriate target audience.


Within only 5 months, Molly’s has increased their engagement on their Facebook page by 1,645.3%, received 578 post engagements and attained 170 shares on their boosted post. In addition, Molly’s facebook followers has also increased by 49%.
By partnering with us, Molly’s Facebook campaign was extremely successful. Not only did Molly manage to reach their core audience, they have gained invaluable insight into Facebook’s campaigns, and this will influence how they plan on going into the future.


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