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The Work


The team at i-Beauty Medispa has over 30 years of experience in bringing beauty and wellness to discerning women from all walks of life. Their forte lies in weight management, nutrition, health enhancement therapies, anti-aging and facial contouring treatments.
They pride ourselves on consistently delivering results and providing total customer satisfaction.
They also launch a total mind & body wellness programme: “I Want To Float”. Combining the immense health/beauty benefits of epsom salt with the mental benefits of sensory deprivation.


Objective: Through Social Media Marketing, i-Beauty Medispa aims to create brand awareness, assure customers retention and generate new leads and prospect via Facebook ads.


Through Facebook Marketing campaigns with Firstcom Solutions, i-Beauty Medispa is excited to receive positive RESULTS that are able to reach the targeted audience! The Facebook campaign aims to create awareness about i-Beauty Medispa by offering attractive giveaways that spur participation from customers and Facebook and Instagram promotional ADs to attract new customers.


Prior engaging with FirstCom Solution, i-Beauty Medispa has been struggling to generate leads. However, upon engaging with FirstCom Solutions, we have quickly helped i-Beauty Medispa to generate an astonishing number of 30 leads with very minimal AD budget.


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