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Da Miao Hotpot

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Da Miao Hot Pot (大妙火锅) is committed to foster high-quality hot pot culture with Chengdu’s signature features, providing customers with comfortable, unique services and a differentiated dining experience. Da Miao Hot Pot promises to create a feast for the five senses for every Da Miao Hot Pot customers who walked into their restaurant. You will be greeted with their traditional performances by their professional “Stage Artist” while savouring the strong-flavoured soup base. The key attribute is the combination of more than twenty spices, added with special plant oil and herbs, making it delectable and creamy while not greasy. The professional Chefs from Da Miao Hot Pot guarantees the quality and freshness of the ingredients from the stage of purchasing, delivery, storage and presented with the most appetising plating for the every customer.


Objective: Through Social Media Marketing, Da Miao Hot Pot aims to create brand awareness and assure customers retention.


Through Facebook Marketing campaigns with Firstcom Solutions, Da Miao Hot Pot is excited to receive positive RESULTS that are able to reach the targeted audience! The Facebook campaign aims to create awareness about Da Miao Hot Pot by offering attractive giveaways that spur participation from customers.


Within a short span of one week, Da Miao Hot Pot received an astonishing 20,400 reach, a significant rise in brand awareness.
The successful Facebook campaign is due to attractive giveaways that spur participation from customers.


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