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Funding With PSG Grant

What is PSG Grant?
Launched in April 2018, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is overseen by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and is designed to support companies looking to adopt IT solutions for their businesses. These IT solutions are pre-scoped by ESG to improve business productivity and digitalisation efforts.
How much funding can I get?
The current funding support level for PSG is 80%. The current rates will continue until 31 March 2022. The PSG is subject to your company’s grant cap. You can check the current status of your grant cap via the Business Grants Portal. PSG applications after 1 Feb 2021 will be considered as part of the grant cap for the next financial year.
Who qualifies for the grant?
To be eligible for the PSG grant SMEs must meet the following three criteria. The company must be registered and operating in Singapore. The IT solutions the company is purchasing must be used in Singapore. The company must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding with annual sales less than S$100 million or less than 200 employees.
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Firstcom Solutions?

Over 5500 clients since 2010

We have in-depth experience in almost all industries with our wide portfolio, and we have received the Top SME Achiever Award in 2015.

PSG Vendor since 2018

We were the first pre-approved PSG vendor in Singapore, and have been a vendor for 3 years running. Receive up to 80% grant when you sign up with us!

One vendor for all your needs

Be it building a website, running digital marketing, or content creation, you only need to work with one vendor which makes things simple.

200 full-time staff supporting you

Our project consultants, designers, and marketeers are all certified and work hand-in-hand at all stages to deliver the best website developments for you.

In-house content team and studio

Our creative team is fully based in Singapore, and our photographers and videographers have a fully equipped studio to create content for you.

After working-hours local web support

We are always here to troubleshoot your site if it encounters issues, even if it means going the extra mile for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FirstCom Solutions is the first PSG-approved vendor in Singapore for eCommerce websites. We have been a PSG-approved vendor for four consecutive years, and have been building eCommerce websites since 2010. Having assisted over 5,500 clients, we are well-versed in the latest eCommerce trends and can assist you with recommendations specific to your industry.
SMEs must meet the following criteria to be eligible for PSG:
1. Registered and operating in Singapore
2. Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
3. Looking for Singapore-based IT solutions

You can apply for PSG using the business grant portal. Our executives can guide you through the process and inform you on the documents needed. Start-ups operating for less than 6 months can also apply for the PSG, subject to an assessment by Enterprise Singapore.
The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) is a bonus payout up to $10,000 for businesses in the F&B and Retail sectors — the industries hardest hit by COVID-19. DRB aims to encourage F&B and Retail businesses to adopt new or improve their existing digital capabilities in order to adapt to post-COVID norms.

The DRB enables F&B and Retail businesses to receive up to $10,000 when they adopt predefined categories of digital solutions. The exact payout is dependent on the number of categories adopted.

Your business is eligible for DRB if:
• Your business UEN falls under a F&B or Retail SSIC, and is incorporated on or before 26 may 2020
• Your UEN has an active PayNow Corporate account
• Your UEN is on the Peppol e-invoicing network
FirstCom Solutions cannot guarantee the success of your grant application. However, we can provide you with guidance and assistance through the application process, including notifying you when deadlines are near and which documents to submit. All applications will have to be submitted through the Business Grant portal with proof of a complete website and the following documents:

• Invoice
• Receipt
• Quotation
• Bank statement
• Screenshot of Website
• Usage Report
The PSG provides funding support of up to 80% of the solution’s qualifying cost. The cap on the claimable amount is dependent on your company’s grant cap which can be accessed via the Business Grants Portal (BGP). The total grant cap per company is $350,000 until 30 September 2021.
The PSG works on a reimbursement basis. You will have to provide 100% of the payment once the project is complete before reimbursement can proceed.
Yes. You can wait for IMDA to issue you with a letter of offer before paying a deposit. However, work on the project will only begin after the deposit has been paid.
Your website may be subject to annual recurring fees after its creation. These fees are typically dependent on your domain hosting and maintenance packages.
Our ecommerce websites are customised to your desired look and feel, business content and features. We do not use templates. The estimated timeline for your project is highly dependent on the complexity of the website features and your responsiveness during the planning stage.

Our Sales Consultants will be better equipped to provide you with a more accurate gauge once you have shared the details of your project.

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation today!
The original PSG cannot be modified as it is highly regulated by Enterprise Singapore. However, any additional features can be quoted and invoiced separate from the PSG project. Kindly inform our Sales Consultants who can guide you further on this.
We allow special payment terms on a case-by-case basis. Do take note that the full amount must be paid before PSG can proceed with the reimbursement. Please speak to our Sales Consultant if you require further clarification.
All solution packages under the PSG have to undergo auditing by both IMDA and Enterprise Singapore (ESG). Before the solution is approved, it must go through several rounds of audits, which looks at price quoted, services provided as well as an evaluation of the agency’s track record and customer satisfaction.

This ensures that you will be able to have your pick of solutions from credible companies. We encourage all our clients to conduct your own research and verify the capabilities of your chosen agency to supplement IMDA and ESG audits before engaging any services.
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"On behalf of my team, I would like to express my gratitude to Firstcom Solutions Team for their invaluable contribution to our e-commerce website project. The team is dependable and has a positive work attitude and responsibility. They have also demonstrated professionalism throughout the initial phase of this project. The quality of our e-commerce website truly reflects their expertise and exceptional work commitment to our company’s success. Thank you and we look forward to more partnership with Firstcom Solutions in future."
Alicia Luke
Head of Commercial, Asia Momentum Media
"Firstcom Solutions has done a wonderful job on our online insurance website development - "EQ MaidSure" as all our needs were very well understood by the team. They did a great job in communicating and constantly keeping us appraised to ensure the timely launch of our website. The team is responsible and provides exceptional service towards their works which led to the development of a productive working relationship with us.
Moon Kho
Corporate Account Manager Ensure Pte Ltd
"Firstcom Solutions Team has been very professional and efficient with the setup of our company's membership portal website. What is more valuable is that the team never fails to give constructive suggestions and prompt responses. It has been a pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to future collaboration of this nature."
Sayaka Kikuchi
Marketing, Citizen Watches (H.K.) Ltd Singapore Branch

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