FirstCom Concludes Our First Social Media Marketing Workshop

April 27, 2020

Here at FirstCom Solutions, our goal has always been to enable SMEs with a fuss-free way to adopt digital solutions for their businesses.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hit all industries hard, the F&B industry in particular is undergoing a massive digital transition. No longer can F&B businesses rely on word-of-mouth or walk-ins to sustain their business. While the quality of food is still an important factor to retain customers, marketing and presentation on social platforms have become the undisputed driver of new customers.

With this, many traditional F&B outlets find themselves struggling to stand out. All of a sudden you’re not just facing competition from neighbouring outlets, but islandwide. Skills like food photography have gone from “nice to haves” on menus to “must-haves” on social media. A customer’s decision to try a new restaurant is now overwhelmingly influenced by how said restaurant portrays itself on social media.

This is what our Social Media Training workshop aims to solve. The first workshop was concluded last Monday (27th April) and was a great success! 50 F&B owners and employees logged on to receive a crash course on social media, and how to use it to benefit their business.

The topics covered in the course were meticulously selected to provide a clear understanding of how different pieces of social media jigsaw fit together. From brand guidelines to content marketing to planning a strategy, optimising advertisements and a hands-on look at the tools that tie it all together. The entire workshop was a gold mine of tips, tricks and insider best practices to accelerate competency in social media marketing.

Attendees also got to pick the brain of our Digital Marketing Consultant and clarify their doubts in a dedicated Q&A session after the workshop.

FirstCom is looking forward to upcoming training workshops for F&B owners and employees! To those who have signed up, see you there to take charge of your social media marketing!

will be hosting more training workshops for F&B owners and employees every Monday! This comprehensive one-day workshop is part of our hands-on training package, which includes a 1-month digital marketing campaign and complimentary $1,000 ad budget.

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