FirstCom Co-Hosts E-commerce Webinar with OCBC

May 15, 2020

FirstCom Solutions is collaborating with OCBC bank to help their business banking customers adopt e-commerce solutions with preferential perks! 


As their recommended e-commerce consultancy, we recently had the opportunity to host a webinar for OCBC members. In this webinar, we discussed the common challenges most SMEs have when going digital, gleaned from our experience helping over 4,500 SMEs transform their business. Focusing on the topic of digital advertisements, we expanded on how small businesses can punch above their weight with compelling digital marketing using the right formats with clear and encouraging calls-to-action.


Solutions that can help small businesses obtain the innovation they need without putting a dent in their cashflow is important. Which is why FirstCom also spoke at length about our various structured, digitisation programmes for SMEs and the supporting government grants available to alleviate costs of digitisation. 


Our Digital Marketing Programme (Retail), Digital Marketing Jumpstart 2020, and PSG E-Commerce package have all been updated to include exclusive perks for OCBC members! You can click on the links to find out more if you’re interested, but we’ll also summarise them here to save you some time.


Digital Marketing Programme (Retail)

Exclusive OCBC perks:

Complimentary $2,000 ad budget (up from $1,000)


Digital Marketing Jumpstart 2020

Exclusive OCBC perks:

Complimentary $1,500 ad budget (up from $1,000)


PSG E-Commerce

Exclusive OCBC perks:

2 years of web hosting and maintenance worth $1,918


$1,000 delivery credits from a logistics provider of your choice