Build Your Resilience with Ecommerce: A Webinar by FirstCom Solution and OCBC

May 28, 2020

As part of an on-going collaboration with banks and other organisations to reach out to small businesses during the circuit breaker period, our Director Jim was invited by OCBC to speak to their Business Banking customers about building business resilience in trying times. Joining him was Diana, business lead for OCBC’s Business Banking Startup Segment. 

By now it’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the landscape for all retail businesses forever. Those that were forced to transition out of necessity hoping for things to return to normal after the circuit breaker will be in for a rude awakening. This is largely due to a complete change in people’s purchasing behaviour from offline to online. 

But what about the future? How can small businesses use e-commerce to build resilience and guard themselves against another drastic behavioural change in the future? That’s what this webinar sought to address.

Many retail businesses have the misconception that a website is all you need for a digital presence. While your website will always remain a key fixture in your online presence, it must be complemented by a robust online strategy to generate traffic and encourage repeat customers. However, this strategy must also be flexible enough to meet changing needs and allow for innovative approaches to build business capabilities. 

Throughout the webinar, Jim and Diana discussed how retailers can make use of existing digital marketing solutions to better understand how digital advertising works. Digital advertising, according to them, is the key activity that ties digital sales channels together and allows businesses to deliver better value to customers. The nature of digital advertising also allows businesses to be agile and adapt their strategies at the drop of a dime, something that is crucial for long-term resilience.

Finally, the webinar concluded with a run-through of the popular digital marketing channels in Singapore and a Q&A session.

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