Danox Welding


Established in 2000, Danox Welding is a supplier of welding, cutting and automation technology solutions. Their main business activities include the wholesale of welding and cutting related equipment, accessories and consumables as well as training and orientation for users of their products. They are well known in their industry for their reliability, quality follow-up sales services and timely deliveries.

Wanting to get a head start over the competition and realising that there were not many companies with an online presence in their industry, Danox Welding launched their Facebook page with the intention of exploring online marketing avenues. However, after running the page for some time, they found that it would be better to hand the social media operations over to an agency to better focus on their business.

In November 2018, Danox Welding engaged Firstcom Solutions to manage their Facebook page with the objective of increasing likes, brand awareness and traffic to their website.

FirstCom Solutions Contribution



Online Strategy

Responsive Web Development

Social Media Marketing


Content Creation

Ongoing Site Optimization

Project Background and Description

The project started right after the Lunar New Year celebrations in Singapore, with the aim to fully launch in the second week of April. For a start, Sin Chwee Mini Mart has no experience in going digital. Firstcom has to start from scratch to begin building their online presence. Firstcom was tasked by Sin Chwee to create the entire experience for their new venture. We assisted by providing Project Consultancy, Branding, Project Management, Implementation, Content Creation and Digital Marketing.

Firstcom started off by conceptualising brand names suitable for Sin Chwee Mini Mart, followed by logo creation, and the creation of other necessary materials for corporate identity. Upon completion of the brand image, Firstcom’s team completed the product shoot for Sin Chwee. These images are used on the banners of the E-commerce shop as well as product images on the website.


In the recent years, many retailers have been fighting against the rising cost for rental and manpower. Amidst going through tough times, the competition from online shops providing 24/7 shopping and better pricing makes it even more challenging for the retailers.

The convenience of buying online has become a trend for many and retailers are starting to look out for possibilities to start their own E-commerce shop online. Many of them are starting to understand that going digital is essential to stay relevant and maintain business sustainability in this era.

The challenge that most SMEs face during the development of their e-commerce shop is not so much of the technical knowhow, but more often because of the lack of contents; such as product images and description that are suitable to be used on the website. Accompanied by the unfamiliarity towards logistic arrangements and the lack of digital marketing knowledge, many find slow progression even after deciding to go digital.

Sin Chwee Mini Mart’s goal to create their own E-commerce shop is to cater to millennials who are comfortable with online ordering. This will create a new stream of revenue for its business.

The ultimate goal will be to connect the entire Jurong Fishery Port’s retailers to have their products listed on the E-commerce shop. This allow consumers to purchase directly from the Fishery Port and have access to a wider range of fresh products.

There is no new E-commerce website that will generate revenue on its own without any form of marketing. Firstcom planned online marketing campaigns with Sin Chwee that will be launch via social media platforms to drive traffic to the E-commerce website. Specific coupon codes will also be generated to track the source of sales so that analysis can be done together with the statistics gathered from Google Analytics. Firstcom’s aim is to assist our clients to be successful and knowledgeable after they decide to go digital.

Firstcom aims to hand hold our clients for at least a period of 6 months before they go auto-pilot to manage their digital presence.

The Processes and Insights

Rebranding: A Brand New Start!

The team begin to work on coming up with a new brand name for Sin Chwee Mini Mart. The owners had in mind to incorporate the original brand name into the new branding direction, and the team used the original logo and incorporate a few tweaks.

FirstCom did a poll internally, and as established as the name is oine, the name does not seems to appeal to the Millennials, who serve as one of the largest group of audience online. Hence, the team started to work on a new catchy brand name that is different from its parent company.

We started of with the brainstorming of a new identity that will appeal to Millennials along the line of Sin Chwee’s vision to providing fresh catch to their customers. To appeal to the Millennials, we used a more informal, fresh and double entendre methodology as a base for the brand name. With that, the idea of ‘Tankfully Fresh’, which is a word play on ‘Thankfully, it’s fresh!’, and a ‘Tank full of fresh catch’ emerged.

The logo depicts a fish in a tank, with Wi-Fi signals to represent connecting to the people online. The colours of Sin Chwee Mini Mart remain as a form of corporate identity to relate to the parent company.

Customised Ecommerce Platform

Concurrently, FirstCom is building an eCommerce platform that enable the client to receive sales, handle daily operations, and most importantly, to align with their operational flow. Upon the kicko meeting, there are a few operational issue that Firstcom will need to help the client resolve:


01. Procuring and packing of customers’ order

While everyone is sound asleep at 4am, it’s the time where the Jurong Fishery Port bustle. Sin Chwee will be procuring customers order at 4 – 6am, and the seafood will be transported to their Bukit Batok store to be processed and packed for delivery. This is besides procuring seafood for their brick and mortar store.


Initially, Sin Chwee wanted to check the orders individually through their phone. However, this will not work in long term, especially with the growing sales order. Firstcom thus proposed to program a pick pack list in, where the total stock can be tabulated into a single dashboard for convenience. This allow them in getting a precise stockpile. This customised pick pack list will generate a list of items for due for next day delivery.


A cut of time of 23:59 has been set and all orders that comes in before 23:59 daily are eligible for next day delivery. We believe that this simple enhancement will assist Sin Chwee’s in their procurement and delivery process.



02. Orders to be pick up and delivered on the same day

Firstcom discovered that Sin Chwee Mini Mart does not have logistical help nor delivery fleets internally to support the upcoming eCommerce store. Furthermore, one of Sin Chwee’s unique selling point is to bring fresh catch to customers daily. Hence, our project managers in charge researched and proposed several external third-party logistics providers that does same day delivery, and we made it a point to recommend them the most suitable vendor in terms of delivery locations, convenience, and cost that fits the new business initiative.

Content Creation

After redefining the business and operational flow, Firstcom is presented with yet another challenge. There is no content available to be showcased in the eCommerce platform. In the online world, content is king and Firstcom understands that importance of it. We began to create all contents found on the website from scratch. We started o with writing the brand story for Tankfully Fresh. The initial copy was written by the founder himself in Mandarin, and we rework it in English. Next, selling seafood online can be challenging as what you see in the photos will not be the same (no two fishes are the same!), and it will just be descriptive of what the customer will receive. As such, we sent down our inhouse photography and project executive to direct the product shoot. Ensuring all fine details of the seafood are captured. In the market, seafood are all packed in economical plastic bags which does not look appealing at all. Firstcom stepped in to design a new packaging for Sin Chwee to make their brand stand out. An article and recipe sections with Call to Actions were also created on the site to hopefully bring more trac and interest to the site.


An eCommerce platform is not as straightforward as it is. Many stops after developing the solution and left the store hanging. To ensure business continuity, content is a crucial part to attain success. For Sin Chwee Mini Mart.

Firstcom Solutions has created a robust eCommerce solution, provided solutions to value add to the whole business process, as well as creating contents to move the store forward.

As such, we are proud to be a part of Sin Chwee’s plan to transform, and go digital.