Sales for Fresh Food E-commerce Rising Amidst COVID-19 Situation

April 3, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 measures encouraging the public to stay at home and reduce non-essential outdoor activities — more people than ever are turning to e-commerce for their daily needs and fresh foods.

FIshmongers and vendors who are active on ecommerce are reporting an increase up to 6x their typical volume of orders. One stall has gone from serving 30 customers a day to 50, while another has seen profits of 18-20% soar to 180% for this month.

Beyond an increase in sales, wet-market vendors like our client Tankfully Fresh are thankful for going digital early to build business resilience to safeguard against lower foot traffic at their physical store.

Make sure your business is able to ride out the COVID-19 crisis. FirstCom has partnered with DBS to provide digital marketing support for their F&B Digital Relief Package. Supported by IMDA and Enterprise Singapore, the program helps SME F&B businesses build new online revenue channels in these challenging times.

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